Artist's Statement

I love color and line and what better place to find it than Mother Nature. My mother was an artist and beginning when we were small, she used to show and explain elements of nature to us. In college, I studied Fine Art and Scientific Illustration. Zoos were special places to visit then and with my Brownie Box Camera, I took my first photo,, and now where I have spent many hours drawing and photographing the animals.

As time went on, I began experimenting with photography and, by accident, found how reflective materials distorted objects and that the images could be captured with a camera creating something new. I wanted to create photographic art always with a love of art and science.

Eventually , I realized that my goal has been to get people to see things differently, to see the details rather than the whole, first with my drawings and then with photography, Along the way, my main subject matter has narrowed to floral material fresh or dried. Flowers give me everything that I've loved from the beginning...line and color, And to see beauty in the most unusual ways,